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Lynne Bulmer

A real mood changer – a great way to start the week, Monday morning Zumba class. Sandy’s enthusiasm, not just for Zumba but for life in general, is infectious and it’s impossible not to stay smiling and feeling great for the rest of the day. Fantastic choice of music, good variety of movement and Sandy’s patience (much needed!) and sense of humour make it a real fun experience!

Maureen & Colin Taylor, Ashford

As a person and a teacher, Sandy is the best. She has a great sense of humour, is open, trustworthy and she knows her stuff. She continually updates her expertise. So you know you are in good hands. She encourages and takes you to your limit but never pushes too far, allowing each individual to know their own limits. These limits do change/improve over time as you continue to go to the sessions. For example, both of us have become stronger, have greater range of movement, are more flexible and back pain has diminished. We both enjoy and look forward to the classes.

Colin and Maureen Taylor, Ashford

Sandy lets us know each week what areas we will be focussing on in an email, but we never fully know what will happen in class as she keeps everything fresh. No two weeks are the same as she continually seeks to impart new routines of exercises and movements aimed at improving our mobility and strength. This makes it even more enjoyable as I would find doing the same thing each session would become boring. We highly recommend Sandy’s Classes.

Jane H, Egham

I have been attending Sandy’s Pilates for three years and have extended my weekly exercise routine to Barre and Zumba classes. I have never felt better for years! I have also lost weight and feel a lot fitter overall, so it’s all really positive.   Zumba is great, ringing the changes with the music while keeping some of the favourites. Barre is great fun, you have to try it to appreciate the benefits.

Anne P. Ashford

Having been to many Pilates classes over the last 15 years, I can honestly say that Sandy’s class is the best ever. She manages to work every part of your body, but also manages to make it fun. I have been going for about two years & have enjoyed every moment.