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“I have been attending Sandy’s classes for a few years now, they are always enjoyable, instructive, energetic and fun!”

Viv Williams

“I really enjoy Sandy’s Pilates classes. They have been really helpful in getting me back in shape after having a baby and also building awareness of all my core muscles.”

Kathryn Abate

“After a lifetime in Martial Arts, I was apprehensive of learning Pilates. But I need’t of because I have found in Sandy a fun and knowledgable teacher, who guides, motivates, and shares her passion and commitment to Pilates. Her enthusiasm shines through in each session making it both a joy and benefit to learn from”

Wayne Meyers

“Having taken Pilates for 18 months, I tried Barre partly for nostalgia having given up ballet at 8 years of age and partly for curiosity. I immediately took to Barre. It’s hard work and fun; it’s a mixture of cardio, repetition and stretching so there is a cross over with Pilates. After 6 lessons I have already noticed a huge difference in posture, stamina and tone! Count me in for the long haul.”

Emma D

“I have been doing Sandy’s Pilates class for a few years now but felt I needed to do something additional to compliment it. Along came Sandy’s barre class and I absolutely love it! From the warm up to the stretching out at the end you feel you are working every muscle. The classes are carefully planned to ensure you are working on all your major muscle groups. In six weeks I can really see the difference in my body shape and my legs, hips and derriere are really toned. It is hard work, but with Sandy’s excellent tutorage, you are encouraged to do as much as your ability will allow. Above all though, as with all her classes, Sandy makes exercising fun!”

Liz Hudson