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Terms & Conditions of booking from January 2016



  • Sandy’s aim when running classes is to make them accessible and affordable for everyone. Prices for classes vary depending on the location, rental charges, size of hall, size of the class and the type of class. Discounts may be offered at Sandy’s discretion for advance payments, attending multiple classes, regular attendance and for specific groups. All charges and classes are subject to change.
  • If you cannot afford to pay a lump sum in advance, please talk to Sandy and you can work out a plan that works for you individually.
  • Sandy aims to provide classes throughout the year but she does need and want to take time out for holidays too. She aims to link these to Public holidays to avoid disruption but this will not always be possible. Sandy will try to get cover from other qualified teachers which can be beneficial to students as each teacher will work in their own way and you will learn something new. Where it’s not possible to secure cover, the classes will be cancelled and as much notice as possible given. Obviously, no charges will be made if Sandy has to cancel a class due to holidays or illness.
  • It is not possible to cover for all situations in the T&Cs but Sandy, as those who know her are aware, is fair and reasonable so if you have a problem or query, please talk to her.
  • Payments can be made in cash or cheque (min £30) or preferably by Bank Transfer to Sandy Scott’s business account sort code 20-02-53 account number 13587258. Please just add your name as a reference and if you can, drop her an email to to confirm payment.

Charging Structure

The charging structure is different for each venue so please be sure to read the correct T&Cs for your chosen classes.


Classes in Thorpe Village hall vary in size depending on numbers attending but it’s a fairly large hall so drop in fees apply and you only pay when you come. You can pre-pay for 6 classes and by doing so, save money and effectively get one week free.
This can be a busy location and because of the flexibility offered, Sandy can’t predict how many will be there. It works well though and is a friendly class and if sometimes it’s a bit cosy, we just get to know each other well. A small price to pay for full flexibility.

Class TypeDrop in FeeAdvance payment Savings for advance payments
Zumba Dance Fitness£6.50 6 classes = £32.50One free class
Mixed Ability Pilates £7.50 6 classes = £37.50 One free class



The hall at the community centre is large so drop in fees apply and you only pay when you come. Class numbers can be high so to avoid delays at the start of class, a pre-payment plan is encouraged and then you just sign in to the VIP register while waiting for your class. Significant discounts are offered to encourage you to come regularly and to pay in advance.

Class type Total FeesPrice per class Savings
Pilates – Drop in fee£10£10n/a
Pilates – Drop in fee concessions (Pensioners & Students)£8.50£8.50£1.50
Zumba – Drop in fee
Zumba & Pilates – Drop in fee £15£15£2 a week
Zumba & Pilates in advance x 6 £80£13.33 (for both classes)£3.67 per week = 22% saving
Pilates Advance Payments x 6£50£8.33£1.67 per week = 16% saving
Pilates Advance Payments x 12£90£7.50£2.50 per week = 25% saving
Zumba & Pilates in advance x 12 £150£12.50 (for both classes)£5 per week = 27% saving


How do advance payments work?
There is a VIP register showing who has paid in advance and how many weeks they have paid for. This will be available outside of the hall so you can sign in while waiting for your class. You just add the date and your initials to the register. This way, you will see clearly when you next payment is due so can pay again without having to be reminded so you just make or bring your next payment when its due and Sandy will update the records – and of course, you can keep your own records too.
What conditions apply to advance payments in Ashford?
You will have three months to use your 6 week “pass” and six months to use your 12 week one. So even if you have to miss half the classes, you will still be able to use them all. As you all know by now, you need to keep coming regularly to maintain the benefits and for the exercises to be effective so this is very reasonable. If someone were to suffer a major illness or have some other mishap, exceptions can be made at Sandy’s discretion.



The Village Centre hall is lovely but its compact and means space is limited and irregular attendance has made it difficult to run sustainable classes in this location. Therefore, from Jan 2016, students will need to pay in advance for a block of 10 classes and will be charged regardless of whether or not they attend. Based on previously available drop-in fees, you will effectively get 2 free classes for every block of 10 to allow for occasional holidays or other absences.

Class Type Total FeesNo of classes paid for in advance Concessions
Pilates classes 10-11am
6-7pm, 8-9pm
£8010 consecutive weeks
Barre/Pilates Combo class
£110 10 consecutive weeks
BarreConcept 7-8pm £8010 consecutive weeks
Previous rates apply to existing retired Zumba students only
Pilates & BarreConcept on the same evening (I.e. 2 hours with Pilates either before or after BarreConcept)£140 10 consecutive weeks

What if I’m sick and can’t come to class?

If you have a short term illness, your classes will still be “counted” – otherwise there could be a flu epidemic every time someone couldn’t make it.  However, if someone is seriously ill or has an operation, we would put the “batch” of classes on hold until they come back.    In such situations, please talk to Sandy who will be fair and reasonable.

Would there be flexibility between classes?

Yes, if someone can’t attend their allocated class they are welcome to attend ANY of my other classes that week – although if space is an issue, regulars in that class will take priority.

I can’t commit to come regularly.  Will you allow “Drop-ins”?

No sorry, there will be no capacity for drop-ins as most classes are now fully booked.  For new starters, where there is capacity in the class, they will pay £12 for the session but this will be deducted from the £80/£110 fee if they then sign up to classes.

What happens to the classes I have already paid for on the old T&Cs (pre-Dec 2015)?

We will honour any classes you have already paid for and would urge you to come regularly to use them.  We will only be accepting further bookings on our new terms & conditions.  If you can’t commit to come regularly, you are welcome to join our Monday night group where we will continue to offer drop-in rates.  I can do that in Ashford as the hall is large and there are no capacity issues.

I’m happy with this approach but would find it hard to pay in one go.  Would I be able to pay in instalments?

Yes, if needed.  I don’t want anyone to drop out because they can’t afford to come so can be flexible in terms of when fees are due – especially right after Christmas.   I would suggest payment of half the fees upfront and the rest on your next payday or something like that.    Please talk to me and we will agree something that works for us both.

I go away for long periods of time, how will this work for me?

If you have a short break of a couple of weeks, then I will count the classes as above and remember, you are effectively getting 2 free classes for every 10 you book.   If you are going away for the whole winter or summer (as I know some of you do for family reasons) we can put the classes on hold until you get back.    I will however, reserve the right to allow another student to take your place while you are away.   I will be limiting numbers in each class and in the unlikely event that there is no space when you get back, you might have to wait for a vacancy to re-start your sessions.