Helping you “Live Life to the Fullest” with a full range of fitness solutions

About Vive ut Vitas

“Vive ut Vitas” was founded by Sandy Scott in 2009 and now provides fitness classes to around 150 regular students every week. In order to reach a bigger audience, Sandy has also written a life changing self-development book “Because You Only Get One Life” and a Pilates DVD “Because You Only Get One Body”. (Both are available via this website).

Why “Vive ut Vitas” and what does it mean?

It’s easy to get caught up in the routine and pressures of everyday life and we often forget what’s really important. Vive ut Vitas is a Latin phrase that means “Live Life to the Fullest” or “Live so that you may Live” – and Sandy chose this name for her company as it perfectly describes the mission of the business.  Vive Ut Vitas is here to help you live a happier, healthier, more rewarding life through life coaching, fitness training and sharing knowledge.

Sandy chose the butterfly to represent her business because it is a symbol of transformational change and re-birth into a new life. We help our clients to make changes in their lives – either through exercise or by providing practical help in the “Because Book”.

The butterfly is also used as the imagery on the front cover of Sandy’s book. This shows the butterfly held in the palm of the hand – and signifies the messages in the book that making transformational changes in your life are within your control i.e. in your hands! The aim of her book is to help others get more from their lives and in it, she gives practical advice based on her own experiences and extensive studies.  The book is called “Because You Only Get One Life” and is now available on Amazon or directly through this website.

Sandy has also now produced a Pilates DVD called “Body Preservation Pilates – Because You Only Get One Body”- aimed at helping “real” people do Pilates exercises on a regular basis. The easy to follow DVD can be used for beginners to Pilates to start working at home or for those who attend classes to practise in-between classes as you will progress more quickly if you work out more than once a week.

More about Sandra Scott, MBA

Sandy had a long and successful career as a senior executive in the Financial Services industry working her way up from lunchtime cashier to nationwide Head of Sales at a large mutual organisation. Her team often described her as inspirational and she helped many other people to aim higher and to get more from their lives.

Sandy faced and overcame many challenges throughout her life; from financial hardship to beating breast cancer and is dedicated to helping others to do the same. In 2009, Sandy left her corporate job and launched her own business to help other people to “live life to the fullest”.

Sandy’s self-development journey has been driven by an ongoing thirst for knowledge about human potential. She completed her Master’s Degree in Business Administration at Henley Management School. In her final thesis, she specialised in Change Management and the impact on individual performance. Sandy had the good fortune to work directly with many expert coaches and has benefited from some enlightening ideas from her extensive research.

After making the decision to change careers, Sandy qualified to teach a wide range of fitness solutions but now focuses on Pilates, BarreConcept, Pure Stretch and Zumba Dance Fitness. She is also qualified in pre and post-natal exercise and Breast Cancer recovery through Pink Ribbon Pilates.

Sandy has two wonderful children who are her pride and inspiration – and is now the very proud, doting grandmother of Abbie & William. Family is very important to Sandy and she is also a passionate gardener who grows as much organic food as possible.